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Nourished Being was founded in Portland, Oregon by Natascha Bohmann as a private yoga therapy and holistic wellness practice providing group yoga classes, workshops, series, private Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda consultations, and End of Life services throughout the greater metropolitan area and beyond.

It was Natascha's personal journey from a stressed-out, burn-out lifestyle to a commitment to creating space for self care and balance that inspired Natascha to found Nourished Being. Natascha had worked her way up in her career into a c-suite role all while owning and managing a yoga studio, teaching classes, in school, and managing things at home. To top it off, she experienced several emotional losses with the passing of family and friends, including the rather unexpected death of her own father. Through these experiences, she realized that she was in a constant stress response and this was becoming evident as physical symptoms like weight gain, skin and digestion issues, and inflammation were visible. She also understood the high degree of mental health challenges she was moving through. Recognizing as a person promoting a healthy lifestyle, she also needed to practice what she preached and needed to focus on her own self care before she faced more serious health issues of her own. For her, Yoga and Ayurveda were her lifeline and brought her back to herself, helping her feel whole again. Throughout her personal journey to balance, “Nourish” was her consistent mantra. Nourished Being reflects just that (and incorporates her initials!).

Natascha has expanded to include end of life services, inspired by her own experience in holding space for her father as he passed. Her experience helped her realize ways families can be better supported throughout a loved one's dying process, as well as ways to honor the dying's wishes and legacy interests. She is an advocate for bringing death conversations to light, believing that it's healthy to have open conversations as well as a better understanding of the dying process. Ultimately, these conversations can be extremely healing and informative for families and also helps give loved ones peace of mind in knowing the wishes of loved ones. Even in death, we can be nourished and care for. Nourished Being is about taking charge of how we exist in the world as well as how we care for ourselves and loved ones in one of life's most sacred transitions. Natascha’s purpose is to empower you to navigate the waves of life from a balanced place, providing you not only with foundational and sustainable tools for your life, but also with a calm, compassionate presence when faced with the transition of a loved one. When we function from a state of Nourished Being, we heal ourselves and create a far-reaching ripple effect impacting the greater good.

Nourished Being is about meeting you where you’re at. Natascha provides a compassionate, person-centered approach that empowers you no matter where you are on your journey. Learn more about Natascha's background here.


Wellness Services

Natascha currently offers classes and workshops online. She also offers private individual and group yoga sessions online, in-home or on location. Sessions are customized to meet the needs of the individual or group. In addition, she offers private Reiki sessions as well as special workshops and classes on a variety of wellness topics including essential oils, yoga for beginners, yoga for anxiety and stress relief, yoga for runners, yoga for cancer, prenatal yoga, Ayurveda, and meditation. 

End-of-Life Services

As an End-of-Life Doula, Natascha provides non-medical holistic support and comfort to the dying and their loved ones. Services include assistance with end of life planning such as legacy project support as well supportive services like non-medical comfort care, respite for caregivers, light tidying and helping with household chores or errands. Doula services also extend to companion animals as well, offering end-of-life support to beloved family pets. Rooted in compassion, Natascha is gifted with the ability to truly listen to clients and provides a comforting, grounding presence even in the face of challenging times.

Professional Services

Natascha provides a variety of marketing and communications services, including copywriting and copyediting, website development and management, resume writing and review, communications planning, graphic design and more. At the core of her services is the keen ability to listen to the client and provide solutions to maximize success into the future. For more information, see samples of Natascha's work. Or, send an email to schedule a complimentary Discovery Session.


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